With Love from…

  • Iris Hnderdos (The Netherlands) and Arno Peeters (The Netherlands)

    International Multimedia Festival

    South-West District, Yerevan

The festival was initiated by Dutch artists Iris Hnderdos and Arno Peeters in the frame of the ‘Art Commune’ AIR Program. Other current artists of the ‘Art Commune’ Agnetta Sofiadotter (visual art, Sweden), Martin Kay (sound art, Australia), Heesun Choi (installation art, South Korea), and Bernhard Sallmann (film making, Austria and Germany) also participated in the festival with their personal works and visual statements.

The Program of the Festival

  • ‘You are Our Surrounding’, an installation by Heesun Choi at the Basic school of the Mekhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex.
  • ‘Interactions and Sensibility’, a series of large-scale drawings by Agneta Sofiadotter at School No. 181.
  • ‘Master of Doves’, a short film of Arthur Sukiassian at School No. 181; Rooftop sound compositions (sound records and poetry) by Martin Kay (Australia).
  • A performative dance by ‘Stardancers’ (Armenia).
  • A break dance battle featuring the ‘Name of your daughter’ crew
  • A musical performance-improvisation by Armenian musicians Mikayel Voskanyan, Raffie Avagyan, and Hayk Karapetyan.
  • ‘Bad Field’, a short film by Bernhard Sallmann
  • ‘With Love From…’, Iris Honderdos with soundscape by Arno Peters

  • Arno Peeters is an autodidact sound designer and composer, living in Utrecht, where he has his private studio and company. He’s a producer for Radio 6 (Dutch National Radio) and works in many fields of sound, both commercial and ‘no budget’, ranging from 5.1. mastering and remixing to restoration, audiovisual and location-specific. His work has been released and performed worldwide.

    Iris Honderdos has been making community-based art and has a widespread experience in this field. As an artist, Iris Honderdos has her roots in several different backgrounds. After having worked in psychiatry, she started a study with the AVEK in Leeuwarden to become drama teacher, but she moved to the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht in 1986. Apart from three-dimensional work, she became fascinated by photography. As a freelancer she worked for several magazines. Apart from that, she searched for the ‘third dimension’: she wanted to escape the world of just points on paper, by combining it with other materials. She ended up creating large spatial installations. Iris has been working extensively in former Yugoslavia, right after the war, in Russia and Korea.

    Martin Kay is a Melbourne-based sound recordist, artist and designer primarily working with environmental sound recordings and found-sonic objects, these materials are then sculpted to produce a hybrid of noise, ambient, music-concrete and drone (electro-acoustic) compositions. His works have a strong focus on the environmental, atmospheric, spatial, textural and theatrical aspects of sound composition. Having been greatly inspired by the use of sound in film and anime, he draws upon the construction and editing techniques within the soundtrack to produce hyper-real and abstract representations of the spaces and objects he has recorded. Working in the realms of live-performance, composition, installation & sound design, his recent projects include collaborations with sound artists Darrin Verhagen (Shinjuku Thief) and Nick Van Cuylenburg, theatre productions with director Daniel Schlusser.

    Heesun Choi (b. 1974, Seoul, South Korea) studied in National School of Fine Arts in Cergy-Paris (France) majoring in visual expression. Her works have been exhibited in Europen, Korea, Canada and Australia. In recent years Heesun’s installation practice has arrived at intersection between art-direction for film and illustration. She is now lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

    Bernhard Sallmann (b. 1967, Linz, Austria), after studying Journalism, German literature and Sociology in Salzburg and Berlin, graduated as a film director from the Konrad Wolf Television and Film Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg. He worked as an actor in Virtual Vampire (Michael Busch, 1999).

    Agneta Sofiadotter is a chairman of the artist-cooperation www.Fabriksgatan2.se, founder of K.I.L / KRO artists’ studio association in Lund. She is also a member of the Swedish Artists’ National Organization. She was awarded with Region Skåne’s cultural prize in 2001. Recently, she has been actively working as an art therapist at the Swedish Society for Art Therapy.