The Light-Up Zone

The recent works of Yang Kim Aumont address the topic of dwelling in general and particularly the following question, ‘How do the inhabitants build up a relationship with their dwelling place on this earth, which is made less and less in by ecological and social problems? Are we under the threat of being thrown out by natural catastrophes or by capitalism?’

She started to work on the project with photographic series and has been broadening its spectrum to moving images on site-specific installations. In this perspective, she initiated ‘The Light-Up Zone’ project, which is about the inhabitants and their dwellings at a geopolitical border, beginning with her native country, South Korea. With this project, she had the opportunity to examine deeply the issues of organization of urban spaces, local inhabitants and their relation to the local dwelling spaces with all the inherent ecological, social, and political issues.

The subject she suggested for the ‘Art Commune’ AIR program is of current importance for the post-Soviet urban spaces and for Yerevan in particular, which has undergone a complex process of de-urbanization, destruction, economic and communicative blockade, and re-urbanization. Yang Kim accomplished an in-depth research on the ‘light-up zone’ between Armenia and Turkey.

With this new artistic ‘investigation’, she came closer to her ‘futuristic’ idea to pursue these issues in an almost contradictory manner, emphasizing the idea of internal borders. She experienced the in(visible) frontiers of the inhabitants on both sides and the repercussions they have on their form of dwelling. The work itself will use mixed media (photography, video, and installation) and will be shown in Paris.

Yang Kim Aumont (Lyang Kim) is a French artist born in South Korea. Her works include photography, video, light, outdoor installations, etc. Her current field of interest is areal studies related to areas located within specific socio-political borders, and she has recently been working on the frontiers of South-Korea.