Ruins. Mapping and Wandering

  • Poster_Taline Talk
  • Taline Zabounian
    public talk, screening, discussion

    The Higher School of Arts (MSKH), Yerevan
    April 10, 2013

The series of ‘Talks and Lectures’ in the frame of the ‘Art Commune’ Residency activities In-Lab: [Discourses and Practice] are continued with a talk and screening by resident artist Taline Zabounian. The talk evolved on the phenomenon of ruins, referring to the past and contemporary life in Armenia as well as the social and political dimension of the notion in the latest practices of Taline Zabounian. Moreover, she introduced her artistic background and symbolical expenditure and the conceptual core of her working process within the her new project implemented in the frame of the Art Commune (ACSL). The metaphor of postmodern ‘ruins’ interests her from the viewpoint of the deconstruction of the world hierarchic integrity and aspiration for the absolute harmony, as well as from the viewpoint of the currently noticed real ravages/ruins in the contemporary Armenian context.

Being a member of the Armenian diaspora in France, Zabounian also touched upon the issue of her identity. She initiated a discussion on the notion of ‘one nation–one culture’ which has recently become part of the cultural policy of the Armenian government with the goal to unite local and Diaspora Armenians, trying to emphasize their similarities, but failing to account for the differences in culture, habitus, and for other issues as well.

Taline Zabounian is a young artist who lives and works in Alfortville and Paris. Her studies in art started in 2004 at Pablo Picasso School, Fontenay-sous-bois. She continued her education at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (ENSBA). As a graduate student she later got the Mastership in Fine Arts. She participated in several group exhibitions and workshops in Athens and Paris.