Reclaim the Public Space

  • Community-based art
    Kick-off meeting, workshops, discussions, and public interventions

    The workshops have been led by Mischa Badasyan (Germany-Russia)
    Participants: Students of the High School of Arts, Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex (MSKH)

    South-West district
    October 2013, Yerevan

This community-based collaborative project is focused on the vital dimension of public art and particularly the street art. The latter has a dual content of contributions to public spheres, as the genre is a powerful tool for guerrilla interventions, exasperating and protesting for social justice. Furthermore, the fact that street art is often used for outdoor decorations and annihilation of critical potential of the gestures was also taken under examination.

The participatory workshops were combined with brief theoretical input by Mischa Badasyan, combining it with practical works of documenting, walking, investigating, and intervening.

The workshops were realized in the frame of the In-LAB Platform: [Discourses and Practice] as part of the ‘Art Commune’ Residency Program’s activities.

Mischa Badasyan is a performance and video artist based in Berlin, Germany. He was born on February 25th, 1988 in Rostov on Don, Russia. His father is a Georgian-born Armenian and his mother is Armenian. Badasyan studied Political Science at the South University in Rostov and actively engaged in environmental protecting organizations, Human rights, and LGBT communal work. In 2008, he moved to Germany and eventually began studying social work in Dresden, while staying active in social/AIDS/LGBT organizations.