Place of Birth – Supermarket

  • Marija Griniuk (Lithuania and Denmark)
    in collaboration with Tue Brisson Mosich (Denmark)

    multimedia installation (painting, objects, sound, and slide show)

    High School of Arts, Mekhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex, Yerevan
    August 6-12, 2011

Fornavne/Given names/Prenoms
Fødselsregistreringssted/Place of birth/Lieu de naissance

The Global marketing is, on a worldwide scale, reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives. The borders of the countries mean extra taxes. Meanwhile, every kinds of things might be considered as ‘goods’… almost… We buy and sell a lot: breakfast bread, cafe, dress, human organs, grilled chicken, time, human intellect, etc. That is what the project-installation is about, which is relevant for the Armenian context as well, where the post-Soviet condition seems to have engaged the country into new merged consumerism tied with the Government oligarchic system.

The project consists of a series of paintings which show new-born babies belonging to different nationalities with ‘stigmas’ of the supermarket symbolic, while the exhibition space being covered with supermarket bags.

Marija Griniuk (b.Vilnius, 1984) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduted the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine (BA painting), Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania (MA painting), Helnaes High School, Denmark.
Latest exhibitions: Summer art exhibition, Tistrup, Denmark; Painting and Sculpture Biennale, Gallery Kula in Split, Croatia. Griniuk was part of residency progams in Raumars, Finland (2006), Can Serrat, Spain (2011) and Art Commune, Armenia (2011).

Tue Brisson Mosich (b.Copenhagen, Denmark) is a musician, vocalist, programmer and engineer. Discography: Concentus – Return of the Priest (1995); Concentus – Promo 97 (1997); Exekrator Rehearsal Demo (1997); Exekrator – The Beast Is Come (1999); Nightshade – Nox (2002); Exekrator –Superstitionis Maleficiae (2002); Exekrator – Ordo Bestia (2005); Nightshade – Omega (2011); Exekrator – Blood Was Made To Flow (TBA). Additionally as programmer/engineer: Veil of Mist – Colours (2002); Veil of Mist – Starbeat (2011)(to be released); Websites: Concentus (RIP) -; Exekrator –; Nightshade –; Veil of Mist – Youtube: Exekrator – Blood Was Made To Flow