HEICO-Atlantis Network

Heritage, Identity and Communication in European Contemporary Art Practices
Kick-off Meeting of the partner organizations (7 partner institutions form 6 countries)

Building on the already-existing Atlantis Network of European art institutions, the two-year HEICO project fostered cross-border cultural exchange and examination of the identities of the partner countries and their political and cultural heritage. The project promoted exchange between artists and curators through residential programs in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Yerevan (Armenia), Tbilisi (Georgia), and Bratislava (Slovak Republic). The results of the programs were presented at country exhibitions. The project also included workshops and a joint exhibition organized by curators and participant artists from all the partner countries as a run-up to the 54th Biennale in Venice (2011). Moreover, a workshop was carried out during a cruise from Varna to Batumi on board of the Bulgarian cargo ship ‘Geroite na Sevastopol’, and a series of seminars and conferences took place in Yerevan, Bratislava, and Potsdam. At the end of the progmram, a book was published, summarizing all the projects implemented by the partner art institutions.

The program of the first kick-off meeting in Potsdam

December 11, 2010. Presentation of the partner institutions’ visions of their local and international collaborative projects witin HEICO institutions and representatives:

– Susanna Gyulamiryan (curator, art critic, co-founder of ACSL), Yerevan, Armenia
– Nini Palavandishvili (curator, co-founder of GeoAIR), Tbilisi, Georgia
– Stefan Rusu (artist, curator), Center for Contemporary Art KSAK, Chisinau, Moldova
– Jakob Racek (Fellowship/Bosch foundation) and Emil Mirazchiev (artist, curator, founder of Art Today), Plovdiv, Bulgaria
– Jurai Carny (curator, director of SPACE) and Katarina Slaninova (coordinator at SPACE), Bratislava, Slovakia
– Inka Tuneke (director of Boell Foundation-Brandenburg), Brandenburg, Germany
– Ulrike Grelk (curator at Rokunstbau), Germany

Guest Speekers:
– Mark Gisbourne (curator at Rokunstbau) – Presentation of the curatorial concept of the contemporary art exhibition in Marquard castle
– Nenad Stefanov (scientist at the Berlin College of Comparative European History) – Lecture ‘After the Fall of the Yugoslavian State: a Repositioning’

December 12, 2010
– The Museum as a conception of Modern History: The musealization of the GDR. Visit of museums in former GDR.
– Jewish life in Germany. ‘Chanukka Market’ at the Jewish Museum.

The HEICO project was funded by the European Commission (EU Cultural Program).