Mapping Memories

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  • Urban Matters Yerevan. The Past and Present Rethought

    Anna Adam (France/Hungary)
    Sally O’Neil (Sweden/USA)
    multimedia installation, performance

    The exhibition is organized by ACSL
    With support of Yerevan Modern Art Museum, European Cultural Foundation, and MSKH

    Modern Art Museum of Yerevan
    August 1-15, 2014

The artistic duo of Anna Ádám and Sally O’Neill studied the urban transformations of the Yerevan city through subjective histories and personal narratives. Their focus is a compare/contrast record of the year of independence in 1991 up to 2014.

This is a collaborative work with inhabitants through interviewing and with local artists who execute performances. The project, entitled “Mapping Memories” questions the representative function and the validity of the initially objective (?) map, as a geopolitical tool, by proposing a series of subjective alternatives. They deal with the question of transmission of memories related to the city of Yerevan, and also with translation, from objective into subjective, from one medium into another (eg. drawing into performance), from 2D maps into 3D installation. Through a series of performances, short actions and interventions in public spaces (eg. airport, souvenir shops…) the artists also aims to blur the border between personal-collective, objective-subjective, and to remind people of the violent and drastic changes of their environment.

Anna Adam is a Franco-Hungarian visual artist. After developing an interest in the conception and fabrication of design scenic elements – especially costumes – she studied fashion design and intermedial arts. Today she combines her knowledge in the field of textile with performance to explore the performative potential of the dress. With photography, video- and voice recordings, that she makes or gathers, she expresses her interest in narratives at the intersection between personal and collective H/history and memory.
Her works were shown in galleries, contemporary art centers, festivals, and art fairs in Bulgaria, France, and Hungary.

Sally O’Neill, Swedish-American contemporary dancer/maker. Studied at ArtEZ Dance academy for contemporary dancer/maker in The Netherlands and has developed her interest in conceptual performance using speech, singing as well as theatricality in combination with movement recurrently. She deals with moral issues, social codes and taboos. Sally has shown her own work in Belgium, The Netherlands and in Sweden. She has worked with choreographers like Leine&Roebana, George Reichl and Walter Bart.