• International Group Show
    Southwest Contemporary – SW Gallery, Australia
    September 11 – November 15, 2020

A member of the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (Susanna Gyulamiryan) participated in the international event with 35 international artists, writers, curators, and scholars who grasped this moment together to re-assert their sovereignty, commentary about what narrative is evolving from the Covid 19 phenomena.

This show is an organic curation. ‘Like attracts like,’ and all the artists and writers involved are thinkers: different angles, different hues. The motivation was to create a record, ‘to clot the flow’ of a moment in time which feels like a strange global ‘Covid induced dream’ (while we were sleeping…) – we were being restructured in our consciousness, partly to the last throes of an opportunistic capitalism and partly to the new understanding of a progressive aspiration of a radical interdependence, with all the empathy, generosity, vulnerability and the terrible debt that we owe each other in a stormy sea.


Curated by Bronia Iwańczak

Lynne Barwik (AUS); Barbara Breitenfellwer (AT/DE); Adam Chodzko UK); Brian Cullman (USA); Rebecca Cummins (USA); Franceska Da Rimini (AUS); Claire Field (AUS); Margola Freulieru (UK); Peter Fritzenwallner (AT); Alex Gavronsky; Sarah Goffman (AUS); Graham Gussin (UK); Susanna Gyulamiryan (AM); Richard Grayson (UK); Pablo Helguera (USA); Eva Jager (UK/USA); MerMaggie Roberts (UK/ZA); Kirstine Roepstorff (DK); james O’Hanlon(UK/Fr); Rachel Lowe (UK); Chack Massey (USA); Leon Marvell (AUS); Ian Millis (AUS); Jacqueline Millner (AUS); Mike Nelson (UK); Joao Penalva (UK/PT); Julianne Pierce (AUS); Caroline Phillips (AUS); Bronwyn Platten(UK/AUS); Yuko Shiraishi (UK); Julian Stallabrass (UK); Janos Sugar (HU); Suzanne Treister (UK); Yael Vishnizki-Levi (PL); Kay Watson (UK); Azza Zain (AUS)

More details on art works and textual reflections will appear online with the SW gallery website soon.