Human Doors

  • Multimedia Installation
    photo-objects (26 pieces printed on plastic surface), video animation ‘Inter-est’

    Artist: Raffie Davtian (Iran and Armenia)
    Curator: Susanna Gyulamiryan

    ‘Avant-garde Folk Music Club’, Yerevan (first show)
    November 15-21, 2007

Download the text ‘All Others’ by Susanna Gyulamiryan

The artistic project ‘Human Doors’ is based on ethnographic studies and scrupulous work with the historical context. It has, by means of photography and through other instruments of visualization, attempted to capture one of the very characteristic features of modern reality: the interrelation between the sexes in general and the certain panic or anxiety inherent in the gender identity, which is typical of today’s world and Armenia in particular. Thus, the shattering of the fundamentals of the patriarchal family leads to numerous uncertainties, such as the loss of gender certainty and the anxiety in interrelations between the sexes.