Do You Mind Containing Your Curiosity until I Can Offer an Explanation

  • Stephen Sheehan (UK)

    A Short Film

‘Do you mind containing your curiosity until I can offer an explanation’ is short a film produced by Sheehan during his residency stay at the Art Commune AIR Program (ACSL) in Armenia. It concerns humanity’s absurd quest for immortality. During the film, the quest for immortality is challenged by the arrival of a cardboard-headed entity, who carries a rubber chicken…

Sheehan works with film, performance and video to comment on and visualize the absurd, beautiful, fragile and transient existence. Sheehan has a particular interest in exploring human mortality alongside repetition as a consequential hazard of being alive. The hazard being, that we get used to waking up, we quickly forget that one day, we will not.

Stephen Sheehan is British artist based in Birkenhead, UK. In 2014, Sheehan graduated from Wirral Metropolitan College where he obtained a BA HONS Degree in Fine Art. He attended Liverpool John Moores University from 2014 to 2016 where he gained an MA in Fine Arts and Theory.

In 2016, Sheehan was nominated and selected as a Liverpool Biennial Associate Artist; a two year programme that aims to support and develop the careers, internationally, of 10 selected artist from the north of the UK. In July 2016, Sheehan showed in the Liverpool Biennial (

Sheehan has been an artist in residence in Finland, Germany, USA and Armenia. In 2017, Sheehan will be an artist-in-residence in Russia and Pakistan. Sheehan has been commissioned to create a new work for the Karachi Biennial in 2017.