Discourses on Curatorship/Discourses of Curators

  • A series of lectures and a workshop by art curator, critic, and co-founder of ACSL Susanna Gyulamiryan

    ‘У’ Contemporary Art Gallery
    Minsk, Belarus
    October 10-17, 2016

The series of lectures and the workshop discussed the chronology of origination and the paths of development of curatorial practice from the 1960s to present day. The audience was presented with the socio-cultural background and preconditions that guided the development of the curatorial practice from an anonymous keeper of museum collections to the demystification of the curator’s figure followed by the establishment of an autonomous curatorial practice, which became a significant, though often criticized, phenomenon in the history of organizing exhibitions. The so-called ‘curatorial turn’, as a notion signifying the process of formation of a self-sufficient curator i.e. an author of exhibitions (curator as an artist), was also headed towards the development of a multifunctional, multirole curatorial practice (curator as an editor, curator as a manager, curator as a DJ, and so on).

The lectures also focused on the following topics: the development of the culture of biennale and other large-scale exhibitions with the figure of the curator in the center; feminist vs women’s art curating; ‘curatorial ethics’ including the issues of the relationships among the curator, the artist, and the institution; the ethics of friendship and mutual support, which plays an important role in art residency programmes.