Armenia 1

  • Reece Clifford Whitehead (England)

    Modern Art Museum, Yerevan
    November 2-12, 2012

The works of Reece Whitehead Clifford for a large part of his artistic career focused on his strong interest in exploring the physical qualities and complex possibilities of paint. Although these interests are still strongly influential in his more recent works. With his knowledge of paint and how to use its unpredictability to the artistic advantage, an original concept for a painting often evolves to become something far from what artist originally foresaw. Reece would experiment in order to never be in complete control of a piece of work and used sticks and tools to move paint, tilted and turned the canvass and threw objects at it. He would allow the paint to move, merge and disfigure in order to create work that was not predictable. Outcomes could by highly organic in form or possess a final, mechanical aesthetic. He also has taken a bigger interest in photography and sculpture in order to copy lines and forms that have influenced him and broaden his artistic dialogue. In order to improve as an artist he always needs to expand his experiences and break away from his ‘normal’ environment.

The paintings were produced in the frame of the ‘Art Commune’ AIR Program. The exhibition was organized by ACSL with support of the Yerevan Modern Art Museum and British Council Armenia.

Reece Clifford Whitehead (b. Brixham-Devonshire, England) graduated Kingston University with B.A in Fine Arts in 2005-2008. He was awarded by Tony Greene Visual Art Award, Torbay Artbase. The most recent projects by him were represented in Salon des Arts Barnes and OSO Arts Centre in London, United Kingdom. After graduating from Kingston University, London he decided to broaden his experiences by teaching English in the country of South Korea.
He has spent the last two years travelling and researching in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Vienna, etc.