Exile, Stranger and Otherness

  • Alain Daniel Fortier (Canada)
    a series of public performances

    Locations: Northern Avenue, Charles Aznavour Square, Lovers Park

    Yerevan, Armenia
    October-November, 2008

With his three-month residency program at the ‘Art Commune’, Alain Daniel Fortier enriched his artistic experience by implementing a series of public performances in various locations in Yerevan. The video documentation of the performances was compiled into a transformative installation (video, objects) entitled ‘Exile, Stranger and Otherness’ and included in the International Forum of Contemporary Art ‘Interdiagnoses’ organized by ACSL. The project ‘Exile, Stranger and Otherness’ raised questions regarding the phenomenon of ‘exile’ as a displaced identity and its relation with another post-modern notion of ‘otherness’ that operates on the line between domination and dispossession as well as within gender-oriented issues.