Urban Non-Places

  • Teresa Leung
    public talk and screening

    Art Laboratory Open Platform-Space
    13 Hr. Qochar str., Studio 20, Yerevan, Armenia

    May 30, 2014

Teresa Leung explores art-as-responses to urban situations and creates shared-experiences by involving people as collaborators. Most of her recent works reflect her interest in space of urban non-places such as harbor front and highways, its possible functions, and people’s interaction with it. In addition, involving people as equal collaborators in participatory projects allows her to demonstrate that art is an experience. A graduate from the MA in Fine Arts program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Leung exhibited her works in Bulgaria, Berlin, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Spain, Slovenia, and the UK. For more information of her practice, please visit: http://www.teresart.net. Teresa Leung lives and works in Hong Kong.

The project that Teresa Leung has been following up in Armenia is on urban space which gives a glimpse of what a city is undergoing. She comes from a city that strives for more economic growth and is constantly hungry for financial success. Thus, urban space in this city can change anytime to accommodate new, revenue-growing projects—new luxurious apartments, new infrastructure—while city dwellers have to give way to the process of commercialization and gentrification as ‘more important undertakings’. During her three-month stay in Yerevan a core goal of Teresa Leung is exploration of the post-Soviet urban space and everyday life with traces of the history through visual, archival research with stressing interactions with local artists,  communities, and the city’s neighborhood. This process and art works to come out of it will be shown publicly in various forms including videos, photographs, and documentation of a participatory project.

‘I believe by living in a different city I could reflect on my experience as an urban dweller and how I might respond to urban life as an art practitioner.’