Sound Lines

  • Marcus Beuter (Germany)
    public talk at the ‘Process’ club
    installation (sound, filed recording, arrangements) at the Naregatsi Art Institute

    January 10 and March 10-20, 2011
    Yerevan, Armenia

During his three-month residency program at the ‘Art Commune’ Marcus Beuter (multimedia, sound artist) set up a wider circle of collaboration with local Armenian musicians and with other residents of the ‘Art Commune’. The first public appearance of Beuter took place at the popular ‘Process’ club in Yerevan, where he had a talk on ‘sound art’ and his personal practice of field recording. It is important to emphasize that the above-mentioned fields are not studied in any educational institutions of Armenia. Therefore, the audience had the opportunity to get to know about something that was mostly new for them. The second talk by Marcus Beuter was held at the Naregatsi Art Institute and was entitled ‘Composing and Improvising Field Recording’. He presented the method of field recording and its impact on popular and electro-acoustic music, offering an analysis sampled on the music of German ‘Brainticket’ and ‘Einstürzende Neubauten’ bands. The program included the artist’s own compositions and improvisations ‘Sitting in the Glasshouse and Skimming Stones’, ‘Rhetororio’ and ‘Eterno presente Im’.

Marcus Beuter’s residency program was also enriched by his engagement in a group exhibition with other resident artists of the ‘Ar Commune’ from France Agathe Leputre and Antoine Janot in collaboration with local musicians, artists, and activists of Yerevan-based NGOs. Beuter participated with his sound installation Sound Lines.

The entire residency program of Marcus Beuter was part of his artistic trip, during which he planned to make recordings, conduct interviews, as well as share with his experience as a sound artist. The trip started in his hometown of Bielefeld and included such former Socialist, post-Soviet countries as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia. The plan was to While staying in Armenia, the artist made a short trip to Nagorny-Karabach to make a series of field recordings and interviews based on the subject of ‘boundaries and reflections’.

Marcus Beuter (Wuppertal, Germany) is currently working on his own archive of field recordings. Since 2001, he has been specifically interested in soundart. In 2003, he was the co-founder of the record label ‘fragmentrecordings’ followed by cd releases. Marcus Beuter is an auto-didactive sound artist, composer of electro-acoustic music and improviser. Since 2005, he has been producing sound installations, often in cooperation with sculptors and visual artists. He has also made live-performances of improvised electronic music based on his field recordings. He is a member of Cooperativa Neue Musik, DEGEM, Trio TATUNTAT, Trio Beuter, Höger, Schwieger, and Ensemble Theatrum Somnium Medusae.