‘Art Commune’ Artist-in-Residence Program


The ‘Art Commune’ International Artist-in-Residence Program is an initiative of ACSL, being one of the most important hubs of its activities in the field of contemporary art both locally and internationally. The goal of the ‘Art Commune’ is to create an intellectual space where the residents will get the chance to penetrate the local cultural and socio-political contexts, as well as to combine their artistic practices (research, production, etc.) with meetings, seminars, lectures, and other discursive events with local and international artists, cultural experts, critics, and curators. The program was founded in 2008 and has evolved into a cluster of multimedia artistic studios, specialized workshops, and the Platform In-LAB [Discourses and Practice]. The ‘Art Commune’ is a general member of the Res Artis worldwide network of artist residencies (visit the page).

The aim of Platform In-LAB [Discourses and Practice] is to introduce to resident artists the corpus of significant theoretical texts on contemporary art and culture, helping them initiate and carry out new artistic production in Armenia. In addition, the platform is directed toward developing a kind of art which is oriented toward community-based projects or participatory art, dialog art, contextual art, etc. Such orientation testifies that artists are conceived not only as individual producers of discrete objects, but as producers of situations, processes, and collective work within studio and post-studio practices, particularly in collaboration with non-artistic communities. These practices overturn the traditional relationship between the art object, the artist, and the audience. Platform In-LAB [Discourses and Practice] is an open platform that welcomes international critics, curators, scholars, and artists to collaborate with current residency artists of the ‘ART Commune’ AIR Program.

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The major cluster of the ‘Art Commune’ International Artist-in-Residence Program is located at the High School of Arts in the South-West district of Yerevan (Armenia). The school is a part of a big educational complex with six other schools located nearby. An additional option for residency stay is located in the village of Garni (Armenia).

The ‘Art Commune’ is an ongoing program, and there is no application deadline. The main fields for artist selection are visual arts, participatory art, performing art, sound art, photography, architecture, writing, curatorial studies, and art criticism. The selection process takes place upon receiving the applications. Further on, the documents are reviewed by the selection committee/board of ACSL. Successful applicants are informed within one week after receiving the application. Afterwards, they are provided an official letter of invitation and other required documents. Residents also receive a certificate at the end of their residency program.

The program consists of a residency stay from two weeks up to 12 months. The cluster of the ‘Art Commune’ is located at the High School of Arts in Yerevan, which has a capacity of hosting 4-8 artists at the same time. Each artist has a separate living room, shared kitchen, and a big studio space (150 sq. m.). Separate studios and specialized workshops (wood, sculpture, dancing hall, musical studio, theatrical stage) are also available. The residency venue is provided with Wi-Fi, and the whole territory is surrounded with gardens and pure land, which is convenient for land art and other outdoor artistic needs. Three meals per day at the dining room of the High School of Arts are available for residents at a very low cost.

The additional residency stay option is an artistic villa located in the Garni village in Armenia. It takes around 30 min by bus to reach the village from Yerevan. The residency in Garni is a 3-storey artistic villa with 150 sq. m. on each floor. The large lobbies of each floor give the artists an opportunity to use the space as a studio or showing room. In addition, an exhibition hall of 100 sq. m. with a separate entrance is available. The residency has the capacity of hosting up to 6 artists at once. Each of the artists will have a separate living room and a shared bathroom and kitchen. Three meals per day are available for artists upon mutual agreement with the owners of the artistic villa. The villa is surrounded with gardens where artists can work.


The program does not provide the residents with stipend and does not cover their general expenses such as travels, accommodation, per diem, materials, etc. due to absence of structural and capacity building funding for ACSL and other similar institutions in Armenia. However, the program can fully or partially cover the resident artists’ expenses if it gets funding from international and local foundations or private sponsors. Nevertheless, the artists are provided with free assistance in research, curatorial help, written and verbal translations (English-Armenian and vs), introduction to the local art and cultural scene of Armenia. Moreover, the ‘Art Commune’ residency program organizes personal or group exhibitions, seminars, panels, workshops, public talks, and open studio visits for its residents free of charge. Other aid and assistance is also possible on demand.


Presentation of artists’ works is arranged on an individual basis. Solo and group exhibitions, different kinds of public events (talks, screening, presentations, open studio visits, meetings, discussions, etc.), workshops, and seminars have been arranged and organized for the resident artists in various settings: public spaces, artistic and non-artistic venues in Yerevan and the village of Garni, as well as at the High School of Arts where the ‘Art Commune’ is located.

Collaborative artistic spaces are the following: Modern Art Museum in Yerevan; Department of Fine Arts project space, Armenian Open University; Art Laboratory Space; Naregatsi Art Institute and others.


Download the Application Form

1. How to Apply

Applicants should provide the following:

  1. Artistic statement with a brief description of the applicant’s artistic interests along with intentions for applying to the ‘Art Commune’; (300-500 words).
  2. Curriculum Vitae (no more than 2 pages) together with a short narrative bio;
  3. Filled-in application form;
  4. Any of the following: a link to a personal website, a digital artistic portfolio, samples/images of accomplished art works.

Note: All the documents should be submitted in English, labeled according to the following examples: ‘[your name]. application.doc’, ‘[your name].CV.doc’, ‘[your name].bio.doc’, ‘[your name].intention.doc’.

2. Deadlines

Admission to the residency is ongoing, taking place all year round without any fixed deadlines.

Note: All applicants are advised to submit their applications at least one month prior to their preferred starting date of the residency.

Please contact us by email first: info@acsl.am; s.gyulamiryan@gmail.com (contact person: Susanna Gyulamiryan).

3. How to Reach the Residency

By plane+By taxi
Upon arrival at the Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan, artists are picked up by a taxi driver and guided to the ‘Art Commune’ residency cluster. There is no bus service from then airport to the residency.


Program Director: Susanna Gyulamiryan
Coordinator: Raffie Davtian

Land: +374 10642047
Mobile: +374 91944783
E-mail: info@acsl.am; s.gyulamiryan@gmail.com
Website: www.acsl.am

Postal address:
Office: 22 Gai ave., 17 apt.
Yerevan, 0056, Armenia