Informative Tour in Armenia with Böll Foundation

  • Informative Tour (3)
  • ACSL met, guided, and lectured a group of scholars gathered by the Henrich Böll Foundation, Brandenburg

    August 8, 2015 (Yerevan, Armenia)

  1. Informative and cognitive Tour in Yerevan (coordinated and lectured by art critic and curator Susanna Gyulamiryan):
    – Electric Yerevan, Baghramyan Avenue
    – Walkscapes: Urban Matters (Cascade, Mother Armenia monumental statue, the monument to the 50th anniversary of the sovietization of Armenia , “Victory” Park, etc.)
  2. ‘Becoming Post-Soviet’ (a lecture by cultural critic Hrach Bayadyan), ‘Akanat’ Art Gallery, Yerevan