• Jacklyn Janeksela (USA) in collaboration with Hector Moreno (Columbia)

    Rooftop Music (public performance) in collaboration with LSD (Armenia)
    Higher School of Arts (MSKH), Rooftop

    Castle (a mix of sound and painting), Modern Art Museum, Yerevan

The ‘Velblouds’ artistic duo consisting of Jacklyn Janeksela and Hector Moreno has been involved in two kinds of experiences. First, being visual artists, Hector Moreno has been working on a collection/book of designs based on traditional/old school/neo-classical styles paired with his imagination, while Jacklyn Janeksela has been working on a collection of faces paired with short stories/poems and a collection of ‘re-painted’  books where she recycles old books by using their pages as the canvas. Second, they have been creating music influenced by such bands as Les Bucherettes, Joy Division, and She Wants Revenge. Both of them are singers and performers playing guitar and keys.

During their residency at the ‘Art Commune’ (ACSL), the artists developed and recorded their first EP entitled ‘Castle’, where all the songs had been composed and had lyrics. This new experimental body of work was performed in Yerevan in a public concert named ‘Rooftop Music’ (August 4, 2015) in collaboration with the LSD band, which is one of the most prominent Armenian rock, post-punk bands.

The artists also experienced with mixing sound and visual art, presenting their ‘paintings of songs’ from the EP ‘Castle’ at Modern Art Museum, Yerevan (August 3-15, 2015).