Dialogue. On the Way to Ararat

  • Astrid Runde Saxegaard (Norway)

Astrid Runde Saxegaard is a visual artist. She lives and works in Kolboten, Norway. She has graduated from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (1990-96), the Islandic College of Arts and Crafts (1992), and Brundalen College, Trondheim, Grafic design (1986-88). She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Norway and Sweden, particularly during art festivals and the triennial in Norway. The catalogs and publications on Saxegaard’s works include the exhibition catalog ‘SOFT’ in Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Stockholm(2013); the exhibition catalog ‘I TRÅD MED TIDEN’ in Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuse; the book ‘Astrid Runde Saxegaard – taktil – koloristisk – femmage’ by Tone Lyngstad Nyaas (2013); ‘Sun Fun Make Me Black’ by Astrid Runde Saxegaard (2010-11); the exhibition catalog AGRAMAN, The Art Museum KUBE, Ålesund. Membership: NTK, NBK, UKS, MRBK, BONO.

Astrid Runde Saxegaard’s residency program at the ‘Art Commune’ consisted of a one-month research, artistic studio visits, and a public talk where she, among other things, explained how her ‘female behavior’ of using crafts, fabrics, textile implications, and other ‘instruments of secondary arts’ served her feminist position. As she said, ‘In a way to merge deeper in gender and feminist issues I also had a passion for discovering, measuring what is ‘real’ as opposed to more superficial topics or ways of acting, whether those are interactions, ways of living or such topics as life and death, existentialisms, sexuality related to gender issues, and a symbolical world or simulacrums provoking thoughts that I transfer into art works.’