Matters of Ethics: Affording Criticism

  • Conference

    Organized by ACSL in partnership with ‘HETQ’ Investigative Journalists

    Initiated and moderated by S. Gyulamiryan

    The Small Theater of the Armenian National Center of Aesthetics, Yerevan
    March 17, 2007

The conference was funded by the Tufenkian Charitable Foundation.

Topics And Speakers

  1. ‘The Requisites and Limitations of Cultural Criticism’ by Hrach Bayadyan (cultural critic, Armenia);
  2. ‘The Possible Dimensions of Self-Reflection within the Armenian Society’ by Ashot Voskanyan (philosopher, Armenia);
  3. ‘Memory and/or Oblivion – Historicizing the Armenian Contemporary Art’by Vardan Azatyan (art historian, Armenia);
  4. ‘Civil Ethics in Armenia’by Vardan Jaloyan (cultural critic, Armenia).